Getting older is a reality and as we grow older days of trouble are imminent. Therefore we intend to remember our Creator, by keeping the faith, pray and give the best of our lives in serving Him before the days of trouble come. Ref. Ecc 12:1
Ministry Scope:
• To organize interactive study of the Bible to equip the S.O.S. members and prepare them
to become growing disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ, and to become models, to younger
members of the church, in Christian living .
• To encourage the S.O.S. members to share their academic, professional and working
experiences to the younger generation, especially Christians, to guide and motivate them
to look for and take jobs that will not prevent them from spending more time in church
activities and personal time with God.
• To coordinate with and assist the Pastor and the Leadership Team in future church
projects where the members’ experiences can be of help.
Pastor Ellie Bautista